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Although having only performed for a few years, Kia plays with the confidence and experience expected of a dj with many more years under their belt. With a keen ear for bass-heavy rhythms and the deeper shades of techno, Kia glides through genres and emotions in exciting and often unexpected ways. 

Her talent for weaving musical narratives has been recognised by local and international labels alike, having already constructed revered mixes for Nous’klaer, Truants, c- and Patterns of Perception. In support of the community of talented friends she finds herself surrounded by in Melbourne, she runs her own label, the cutting-edge “Animalia”, which has been widely acclaimed for its impressive freshness. 

With her second appearance in Europe coming up this summer, there was no way that we would miss the chance to have such a talented and creative artist among us.

Saturday 6 August 2022

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